Dining Out for Life 2018

Volunteer to be a Table Captain or Ambassador!

We need your help to fill tables at restaurants and make sure patrons have a great time. Email Special Events Coordinator, Mike Trevino at mike.trevino@asaustin.org if you have any questions about and/or would like to get involved! Below are descriptions of each volunteer role:


The main job of a Dining Out For Life ambassador is to say thank you! Ambassadors are the faces that diners see when they go to dine out. They greet diners with a smile and show gratitude for their support.

If a diner is unfamiliar with the event, ambassadors share a few facts about the programs that benefit from their generosity. ASA trains every ambassador so they can feel comfortable addressing any questions that may come up. We also equip each and every one of our volunteers with a handy-dandy tool-kit that will help them navigate through the night.

Email Volunteer Manager, Joseph Breck at joseph.breck@asaustin.org  or call her at (512) 406-6417 to sign up for this role.

Table Captains

If you like to eat and you have friends and family who like to eat then this volunteer role is for you! Restaurants that participate in Dining Out For Life commit to giving AIDS Services of Austin a percentage of their proceeds and in return, ASA tries to fill their seats. Table captains choose a restaurant on the Dining Out For Life list (for breakfast, lunch, or dinner) and invite as many friends, family members, and colleagues as possible to dine out with them on April 24th. As a Table Captain, your job would be to have a good time, eat, and enjoy the company of the people in your circle. You can sign up to be a Table Captain on this site and use your page as a tool to invite friends to the restaurant you select by creating an event. Signing up on this site does not mean you are reserved at the restaurant. Once you get a tally of your party, you should call the restaurant you will be dining at to make your reservation. When you call, remember to tell them you are Dining Out For Life to support ASA! The Table Captain with the largest group of diners will win a great prize.

Email Special Events Coordinator, Mike Trevino at mike.trevino@asaustin.org or call her at 512-406-6116 for more details.